A magnificent tidal wave of colour

Every year nature performs a miracle in the Northern Cape, sprinkling confetti as far as the eye can see. Nature’s confetti. The seasonal winter rains trigger one of the most spectacular floral kingdoms, a truly breathtakingly beautiful phenomenon, which is quite possibly unlike anything you have experienced before… a magnificent tidal wave of colour!

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Find yourself

Stargaze. Explore. Relax. Switch-off. Smell the camp-fire. Travel and explore. Live. Love. Laugh. Be free. Create. Enjoy. Respect nature. Forget the world. Make friends. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Breath. Share. Inspire. Carry only what is precious to you. Reflect. Ponder. Become. Sing. Play. Watch. Count. Taste. Dream. Be free. Set free. Be excited about the open road.

Mobile Tented Camp Chiefs Tented Camps

Stay Fascinated – Explore, Dream, Discover Namaqua

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Beach Camp

18 August to 17 September 2017

An extraordinarily memorable occasion.

Be intrigued and amazed as you arrive to see this annual spectacular event. Experience the luxury and convenience of an elegant private mobile tented camp, the perfect retreat, right on the beach, under skies that seem to stretch as far as the eye can see. Located in the Namaqua National Park for a limited period from 18 August to 17 September 2017, the hugely popular annual Chiefs Nomadic Camp will once again be established in a remote and scenically stunning location, one kilometre north of the Groenrivier entrance to the National Park. Guests continue to return, almost as though they are driven by some deep seated need to migrate to the stillness and beauty that presides over Namaqua.
We go out of way to ensure that your stay is memorable. We equip 12 dome tents with beds, soft comfortable duvets, hot blankets and electric lights to ensure that you wake up refreshed and completely rejuvenated. Furthermore you can enjoy the privacy and convenience of your own hot shower and spacious dressing room and a chemical flush toilet.


• R2 250 per person sharing (max 2 per tent)
• R3 375 single
• R1 075 Children aged 12-16
• No children under 12
• Accommodation in 15 fully serviced dome tents
• Private showers and chemical flush toilets
• Early morning coffee and rusks, breakfast, afternoon high tea and 3 course dinner included
• After dinner live music
• Optional delicious lunch picnic baskets R235 (for 2)

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Skilpad Camp

11 August to 10 September 2017

…quite unlike anything you have experienced before.

Take your time to explore the flowers and experience the luxury and convenience of an elegant private mobile tented camp, right in the flowers, under skies that seem to stretch as far as the eye can see. Flowers by day and stars by night, a visit to the Namaqua Flower Skilpad Camp in the Skilpad Nature Reserve, 30km from Kammieskroon, the closest town, is an unforgettable experience. With its winter rainfall, Namaqualand is home to the richest bulb flora of any arid region in the world and more than a 1 000 of its estimated 3 500 plant species are found nowhere else on earth. Located in the Namaqua National Park, in Skilpad, for a limited period from 11 August to 10 September 2017, the hugely popular annual luxury Chiefs Flower Camp will once again be established in this remote and scenically stunning location. We go out of way to ensure that your stay is memorable. We equip 20 dome tents with beds, soft comfortable duvets, hot blankets and electric lights to ensure that you wake up refreshed and completely rejuvenated. Furthermore you can enjoy the privacy and convenience of your own hot shower and spacious dressing room and a chemical flush toilet.


• R1 650 per person sharing (max 2 per tent)
• R2 475 single
• Children 6-12 years old pay R950. Children older than 12 pay full rate. Please note no children under 5 years old.
• Early morning coffee and rusks, breakfast and 2 course dinner included
• Optional delicious lunch picnic baskets R235 (for 2)
• Accommodation in 20 fully serviced dome tents
• Private showers and chemical flush toilets
• No self catering

Download “Skilpad Camp Information” Namaqua-Skilpad-Camp-Information-Pack-2017LR.pdf – Downloaded 330 times – 1 MB


Do absolutely nothing…or more

What to do at Skilpad?

  •  Daisy tripping through the flowers: Hire a bike for the day, pack a picnic basket, your hat and a camera and breathe in the peace and quiet as you meander at snails pace across fields of colour. R150 per bike which includes a R50 refund.
  • Flowers by Day and Stars by Night – after a day spent in the glory of the flowers it doesn’t end there. After a delicious dinner in the restaurant, relax in the lounge with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and drink in the canopy of stars above. A telescope will give you a view of the world far beyond our own.
  • Daily walks – park your car and venture beyond on foot, choose any number of paths, you can’t get lost, and it remains the best way to see the flowers up close and personal.
  • Other – picnic, paint, hum, read, ponder and explore.

What to do at Beach Camp?

  • Musician and keyboard – Enjoy the melodies and songs of years gone by while relaxing in the lounge after dinner.
  • Picnics – Head off to explore the beauty of the coast with a picnic basket packed for two. The area is very remote so this is the perfect companion for the drive.
  • Explore – Visit the Spoegrivier Caves, the Seal Colony and watch the meerkats get up to mischief. 4×4 vehicles only.
  • Daisy tripping – through the flowers at Skilpad: Hire a bike for the day, pack a picnic basket, your hat and a camera and breathe in the peace

Area Information

Whilst the camps can be reached with a normal sedan, your experience in the park will be greatly enhanced with a 4×4 vehicle, as access to the central and northern areas of the park is only possible with a 4×4 vehicle. There is no cell phone signal at the Namaqua Flower Beach Camp and limited cell phone signal at the Skilpad Flower Camp.